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Pictures and Videos of the animal Nepali Bhalu.

3 Nepali Bhalus die

3 Nepali red pandas and one musk deer died after they got caught up in a trap set up by poachers at the Langtang National Park, Nepal. This is sad news. Red Pandas are listed as “vulnerable to extinction” species.

To add to the pain, the wildfires raging at various national parks of Nepal which have already claimed the lives of 14 Nepalese Army men are also threatening  Nepali Bhalus. Active fires are recorded in renowned conservation success stories like the Annapurna, Kanchanjunga, Langtang and Makalu Barun national parks. Jungle fires are common in Nepal during this time of the year. The extent of damage that this year’s fire can cause is worrying when compared to that of previous years because the fires are flaring up even after the local officials and the army men are trying to put it off for several days. 100 yaks have already perished in the fire. The extent of damage to flora and fauna has not been calculated yet. What worries conservationists most is the carbon dioxide emission that the fires are causing which can lead to a long run damage to species in the region.

Nepal lacks facilities like pouring down water from helicopters and planes to content the fires. Let’s hope that mother nature pours down and the fires die so that no more of these nearly extinct creatures are killed.

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