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Pictures and Videos of the animal Nepali Bhalu.

About Nepali Bhalu is online since April 10, 2009. This blog is one among a network of blogs of our Network. Our network is a network of writers from Nepal who write on diverse subjects. is handled by the writers of our Network who have keen interest on Nepali Bhalu. is proud to present a one stop place to find info and pictures of Nepali Bhalu. In Nepali, bhalu is also a slang word for a call girl or slut. Most of the people that come to this blog think that this blog is showcasing pictures of some hot nepali girls and hence get disappointed to see that this blog is actually about the red panda found in the mountainous band of Nepal. But, some still continue to browse. We hope that we can make a good number of visitors who came here on a lookout for hot nepali call girls to stick and view the info that we have put up about this wonderful animal. Sorry folks, but we desperately needed to take some actions fast before it would be too late.

To the people who indeed came here looking for info on the nepali red panda, we hope you would be able to find what you came here to look for.

The Nepali Bhalu or the Red Panda also known as FireFox or the Lesser Panda is found in the Himalayas of Nepal, China, India, Bhutan, Laos and Burma.

Very less people in Nepal know that an animal like Panda is actually found in Nepal. This majestic creature is found in Nepal’s Langtang, Makalu Barun, Sagarmatha National Parks; Annapurna, Manaslu, Kanchenjunga Conservation Areas and also on other parts that are not conserved. In fact, most of these pandas are found in Nepal in places that are not conserved.

The main diet of the Red Panda is Bamboo but to satisfy the needs of the growing population, the natural habitat of the pandas (which include forests which support the growth of bamboo) are being destroyed and if this trend is not stopped or some alternative course of actions are not taken, it will pose a serious threat towards the survival of these little red and white creatures.

The Red Panda is a highly endangered animal species and has a conservation status of Vulnerable. We Nepalese need to conserve this animal for the sake of the this wonderful animal and for our own sake too, i.e. to keep the eco-system balanced. We can also reap some other benefits on the way. On one hand we can really make a difference and stop an animal species from getting extinct and on the other, we can increase tourism related industries in the areas where this creature is found. So, let’s join hands to conserve this creature so that our future generations can see what a red panda looks like in real.


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